A batak wall offers a new, refreshing form of entertainment that tests guests on their agility and reflexes, stemming away from the classic exhibition stand games of hi striker and punch ball machines that rely purely on strength. This top of the range batak challenge involves players pressing illuminated buttons as quickly as possible within the time limit. At the end of their turn the amount of buttons successfully pressed is revealed at the top of the batak board. These scores can be kept with an overall winner being announced at the end of the function or event. This creates a fun, competitive edge to the entertainment, and guests will be queuing up to test their abilities and become the batak champion.

For corporate functions and product launches our batak game is a perfect addition. You can brand the batak machine with company logos and products making it an ideal choice for promotional events. We rent batak wall out to all types of events, including weddings and family fun days, but the batak reaction test remains the biggest hit with corporate functions and events. Other advantageous attributes of the batak game hire is its slim line build and compact size, making it suitable for almost any sized venue. You can also hire batak wall for events anywhere in the country, and out batak hire is available throughout the year.

A batak reaction game is great for guests of all ages and the short time limit allows for a high turn over of guests. For large scale events why not hire multiple machines and stage batak tournaments. Batak wall hire is extremely popular and it’s obvious why, as this relatively new and exciting product challenges guests in a fun, adrenaline fuelled game. As mentioned you can hire batak lite from anywhere in the UK so no one has to miss out on our fantastic batak pro hire. If you wish to hire batak, or have any enquiries about any of our products and services don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak to our sales personnel. We can talk you through all your available options with absolutely no obligation. It’s extremely important to choose the right entertainment for your event, which is why we draw on all our experience in the entertainment industry to offer quality advice and guidance. Batak pro is always a huge hit at all types of events and we can talk you through other products and services that may work well alongside such a fantastic product.